ALL BASIC PLUS 750 mg - 100 caps - by Montiff

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All-Basic-Plus is recommended to help provide the body’s basic amino acid requirements. This product contains all of the ingredients in the All-Basic formula, plus L-Tryptophan. It is recommended that you take this product with B Complex Plus.

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All-Basic Plus

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- Periods of illness, injury, and stress when additional amino acids are required by the body for tissue and cell growth and repair.
- Helping to stimulate the immune system.
- Assisting in reversing negative nitrogen balance. Prior to and after surgical procedures.
- Providing a balanced nutritional program, especially for restricted food programs including food allergies. Contains no animal, milk or soy products.
- General health maintenance.





Highest quality L-Crystalline singular amino acids readily available for proper utilization and metabolism. Contains all essential amino acids for proper protein synthesis by organic tissues.


L-LYSINE HCL, which is low in vegetarian diets, may inhibit viruses such as Herpes and EBV, and is found in muscle and connective tissue. 
 ALL-BASIC PLUS formula has proper Lysine to Arginine balance.


L-TRYPTOPHAN, Essential amino acid related to stress reduction, vegetarian diets, and aids in proper mental function. Considered useful in dementia.


L-ARGININE BASE for immune function and cardiovascular properties. It helps increase Nitric Oxide production which is important for endothelial cells.


L-LEUCINE, L-ISOLEUCINE & L-VALINE, make up the Branched Chain Essential Amino Acids in proper balance for healthy muscle tissue. Believed to be important for stamina, endurance and strength. These amino acids are lost during catabolic conditions, i.e. cancer, burns and surgery and other wasting conditions.


L-ALANINE helps stabilizes blood glucose levels.


L-THREONINE, Essential amino acid. Precursor to Glycine. Found useful in certain neurological disorders.


L-HISTIDINE, A semi-essential amino acid. Found useful in certain conditions of Rheumatoid Arthritis and as a dietary supplement.


L-METHIONINE prevents deposits and cohesion of fats in the liver due to lipotropic factors, and assists in proper gallbladder function. It also has powerful antioxidant properties.


L-CYSTINE promotes recovery of tissue, is part of the insulin molecule, and is useful in dermatology problems such as psoriasis and eczema.


L-GLUTAMINE for muscle tissue, neurological and gastro-intestinal health, supporting the immune system and promoting proper glucogenic function.


L-TYROSINE, which crosses the blood brain barrier quickly, to elevate catecholamines (which are generally low in depression), and for proper neurological balance.


L-ASPARTIC ACID helps in protective function and detoxification of the liver.


L-GLUTAMIC ACID important for neurological health and is precursor to GABA.


L-PHENYLALANINE is the precursor for epinephrine and catecholamine chemistry, and has been found useful in conditions of lethargy and extreme mental fatigue.


GLYCINE is important for proper glucose balance, formation of collagen, synthesis of creatine, prostate health and is involved in the central nervous system. It is essential for bile acid metabolism and is a biochemical constituent of the tripeptide Glutathione, which is an important antioxidant 
 L-SERINE, An essential or semi-essential amino acid in various health conditions.


N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE is a major amino acid complex that is the precursor to Glutathione and helps fight toxic compound build-up in the body.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Take 1-4 Capsules T.I.D. 30 minutes before meals with a full glass of fruit juice or water. Do not take with milk or hot fluids.


For vegetarians: Take contents out of capsules.

Vitamins and minerals are required for proper metabolism