A.T.P. 25 mg (Enteric Preparation) 90 tablets by Montiff

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Montiffs ATP is the highest quality available. President Don Tyson was the first person to introduce the active enteric preparation of ATP in 1984 to the United States. The tablets are enterically coated to allow them to dissolve in the small intestine for optimal absorption and assimilation.

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Cellular energy production necessary for healthy heart and brain function as well as energy for all living cells. Has been used for patients with angina pectoris, and other coronary problems. To increase muscular contractions, which is useful for athletes resulting in longer and more vigorous workouts Impaired muscle function problems. Hepatic and Liver function Detoxification of toxic compounds is vital to prevent liver cell death i.e. glutathione reduced, vitamin c, amino acid blend, b-vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, l-carnitine, and anti-oxidant blends. 




ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is a molecule found in the mitochondria, and is the energy source of all cells. As part of the Krebs cycle, it is involved in the metabolic process of amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism. It is converted to ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate) which is the energy necessary for transmitting nerve cells, muscle contractions, and cell division. Co-Q 10, alpha lipoic acid, and phosphocreatine all have an effect on the production of ATP.




The heart muscle contains over 2 million myocytes, or heart cells that produce the energy necessary to contract, or beat, the normal 60 times a minute. ATP is the energy source of all heart cells. It may be indicated in conditions such as: angina pectoris, heart insufficiency, auricular fibrillation failures, coronary insufficiency, and myocarditis.


ATP AND ALCOHOL ABUSE ATP levels decrease in alcohol abuse. Toxic compounds reactive oxygen species, aldehydic lipid peroxides, hydroxyl ethyl radicals, and acetaldehyde, cause cell death.


ATP AND AMINO ACID METABOLISM ATP is involved in the Krebs cycle or citric acid cycle and is necessary for the proper metabolism of amino acids. Low ATP interferes with the necessary biosynthesis required for proper AA metabolism and can also result in biochemical imbalances. These imbalances can create metabolic problems and effect proper neurotransmitter function. This may also effect the urea cycle and create harmful excess ammonia levels. 


ATP AND ATHLETES ATP is the primary source of energy for muscle contractions. Muscle contractions place a demand on ATP, resulting in insufficient amounts necessary for protein synthesis. Creatine Phosphate or Phosphocreatine (the major phosporylated compound in muscle tissue) is the back up source for ATP, which metabolizes in the presence of the enzyme Creatine Kinase. Phosphocreatine declines rapidly in the muscle tissue during physical activity, which can also diminish the amounts of ATP, causing extreme fatigue. Want to learn more about our products? Call, email, or visit us on the web at: (877) 820-4883 [email protected] www.montiff.com *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Increased ATP along with creatine may enable more muscle contractions resulting in longer and more vigorous workouts. This can enhance sports activity and performance. ATP is recommended along with MONTIFF’S SUPER CREATINE and SUPER SPORTS amino acid formula for optimum results.


ATP AND BRAIN FUNCTION ATP is necessary for the energy required for proper brain and nerve cells, and beneficial results have been noted with neurological problems, including cerebral arterial sclerosis and cerebral epilepsy.


ATP FOR THOSE WITH HEPATIC, LIVER & CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE, ISCHEMIA & SHOCK A rapid fall of tissue content of ATP has been noted in ischemic kidney tissue, and patients with hepatic, liver and cerebral hemorrhage, ischemia, and shock were administered ATP by IV infusion showed marked improvement in several studies. Therefore, it may be beneficial to follow-up with oral ATP supplementation.




SKIN: Atopic dermatitis and acute chronic eczema


MUSCULAR CONDITIONS: Progressive muscular atrophy, myasthenia, and progressive neuralgic amyotrophy.


EAR: Tinnitus, neurogenic difficulty in hearing, Meniere’s Syndrome.


EYE: Opthalmacopia.


SURGERY: Studies indicate positive results improving venous flap survival as well in by-pass surgical patients with ischemic heart diseases.


OTHER: Haemolytic anemia, gastroptosis, acute hepatitis, and acute nephritis. 


Supplement Facts:
1 tablet contains:

Each enteric coated tablet contains: 25mg of pure ATP produced from biological fermentation


Other Ingredients: di-calcium phosphate, cellulose, vegetable stearine, cellulose acetate phthlate, croscarmellose sodium, silica, diethyl phthalate, magnesium stearate, poloxamer.


 Contains NO: coloring agents, corn, wheat, sugar, starch, yeast, soy, meat products or artificial flavoring..


Take 1-3 tablets up to three times a day or as directed by a health care professional.


ATP is safe substance, however, it is not recommended for those with hypotension, due to possible hypotensive effects.