Electron 5 Water Distiller

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John Ellis' Living Water Machine Electron 5 can do what no ordinary water filter can! Simply drinking electron charged water can darken your hair, get rid of cancer, parasites and viruses and help you return to radiant health.  This machine has two bulbs and a more powerful transformer- twice the oxygen and free electrons in the water and twice the energy as the Electron 4! 


Distills one gallon of energized-distilled water in about 2 hours and up to 10 gallons/hour of energized tap water. Experience the health benefits of the living water machine!


Please note: The unit is custom-built and shipped by the manufacturer and will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Electron 5 Water Distiller

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    Electron 5 Living Water Testimony by Joe Kinyon 
- March 2016   





John Ellis' Electron 5 Living Water Machine can do what no ordinary water filter can! Simply drinking electron charged water can darken your hair, get rid of cancer, parasites and viruses and help you return to radiant health. This machine has two bulbs and a more powerful transformer- twice the oxygen and free electrons in the water and twice the energy as the Electron 4! 

Your body is over 70% water and your blood is over 90% water. Your body is also made up of electrons and yet, when it becomes deficient in them, every form of disease is possible. The water most people drink is dead, lifeless and devoid of nutrients, electrons and oxygen. The solvent capabilities and life-enhancing, free-radical-scavenging electrons no longer exist.


John Ellis' Electron 5 Living Water Machine is the only technology available to break down the extremely tight bonds between water’s hydrogen molecules. This enables the water to more readily penetrate cell membranes, carrying nutrients and electrons that destroy free radicals!


It then packs it full of highly energized electrons, making it the most powerful, effective, natural, free-radical scavenger and antioxidant that the human body can quickly and easily use in abundance. This product is so technologically unique that it has never been duplicated and it is patented worldwide.


The December 1988 issue of U.S. Water News reported, "Chlorine does not work on the new super bacteria." Viruses are so small they pass through any air filter, water filter, reverse osmosis machine, ozone machine, or ordinary distiller, along with bacteria that also survive the other methods. It's scientifically impossible for ordinary water distillers to make pure water because of their high steam pressure (pollutants are carried over with the steam)!


Unlike any other product (it is patented world-wide), John Ellis' Electron 5 Living Water Machine  recycles water hundreds of times/gallon with an ultraviolet lamp that destroys disease-causing micro-organisms. Like tea leaves, viruses, parasites and bacteria are very light. As the Electron 5 boils the water, these micro-organisms are frothed to the surface. Then, as the water goes out of the boiler to be recycled, the deadly micro-organisms are left on the two heaters and the sides of the boiler. At this point in the process the heaters are out of water and the intense heat destroys them. This process repeats 400 times for every gallon of water you distill to kill ALL of the deadly micro-organisms!


Ordinary water filters, purifiers and distillers do not recycle water. Organisms cannot be removed in only one cycle through ordinary products of this type. The Electron 4 & 5 then goes a step further to cool the air, so that more oxygen can be consumed during the energizing process.


Experience the health-giving benefits of this living water machine now! 


Makes 1/2 gallon distilled, energized water per hour (up to 12 gallons per day) and it may be diluted with other water if you desire. If you are on a supply that people drink, you can drink energized tap water, or mix the two, with the same results. Makes up to 10 gallons per hour of energized, but not distilled water.

Specifications: Invented, patented, and manufactured in the U.S.A. These machines are hospital-grade stainless steel, small, weigh only six pounds, and travel well.

I'm a 20yr..water treatment specialist. I purchased this E5 machine for my own use initially. I personally use pre-water filtration, Reverse Osmosis and NRW-37 resin filters prior to the E5 unit. Like most people, our municipal supplied water is very hard. In using my filtration/processing system I supply zero ppm in and zero ppm out @ approx. 150degrees F.

The filtration I employ minimizes any mineral build up, in the E5 equipment, thus drastically reducing any maintenance regardng scale accumulation. I suggest anyone do the same. The E5 produces a fine, fine water for my needs and others now. I offer it to many folks with many different health issues. Have received good feed back for the last 2yrs. using this wonderful machine's product water. Btw - This is the only water I put in my Keurig coffee machine, with No scaling

problems whatsoever. Today, I now produce 3% food grade peroxide and micro-particle silver colloid solution, as well as, drinking water for a select user base, including fellow veterans who came back with health issues from Vietnam and the GulfWar. My extensive experience, in the water field allowed me to see the tremendous value, the Ellis 5 machine was capable of, and has proved out to be a valuable asset, to my familys well-being and for my fellow users.

Semper Paratus.

Thank You Mr Ellis, for your invention, your Great Contribution and years of perseverance in overcoming the naysayers and doubting thomas's and ultimately gaining the respect of top medical institutions, High tech and energy industry, medical researchers, MDs, thousands of users, both here, in the U.S. and overseas.


- Amazon Client



Electron 5 Living Water Testimony by Joe Kinyon --- March 2016



I have the E-4 over two years now and think it is really great! I am age 57 and have virtually no grey hair. I feel as if I am 20 when I continually use this amazing water. The machine produces daily an ample supply for all our family's internal water cares/needs. One feels great with it and can drink a lot more than one's normal water intake and therefore can do a lot of internal cleansing.

-- Ward H. 



Nothing on earth can compare with Ellis' machine!

--Paul Lecour 

Paul's been drinking Ellis' Living Water for several years. He is 80 years old and in great health!



Best water I ever tasted! This machine is a wonderful investment. I recommend it to everybody!

--Lucas S. 



Within 24 hours after starting to drink this water, I knew it was working, and I was astonished. You see, I'm crippled up pretty bad, and I got 30% improvement in flexibility right away! This is the first hope I've seen in 20 years.

— Anita B. - McAllester, Oklahoma



My water is still smelling good, and the brown stuff that would show up around faucets is not happening any more. This is very exciting!



Sandra, had an infected well that produced foul smelling water with brown slime residues. She treated the well with E-4 Energized water and reported after 4 months.



That water you sent me - I have to tell you, it's the most amazing experience I ever had in my life! It lit me up and gave me a sense of well-being. I'm talking immediately! I'm talking after just one glass!

-- Douglas G.


Douglas is a 47-year-old drinking water professional in Albuquerque, NM After trying the water, Douglas purchased a machine of his own.



I did an experiment with the water sample. I placed one sunflower seed in each of three separate containers: distilled water, distilled water with 'alkalizing drops', and John Ellis E-4 Water. The distilled water seed had the slowest rate of germination. The distilled water + drops was noticably faster. The E-4 water germination rate was significantly faster, visually impressive.I had already done a comparison between distilled water and lwm4 water twice because the difference was so pronounced - E-4 water over twice the germination rate of distilled. So when comparing the three, I waited 24 hours after starting the other seeds before starting the E-4 seed. After another 24 hours, the E-4 seed had passed the germination stage of the other two containers."

--Robert H., Grand Rapids, MI 


Robert went on to buy an E-5.