Intracal by Global Healing Center (120 capsules)

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IntraCal is a combination of calcium orotate and magnesium orotate, two vital nutrients that support healthy teeth and bones, the nervous system, and cardiovascular health.

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IntraCal™ is the Exclusive Formula Designed Around Dr. Hans Neiper’s Groundbreaking Research to Fight Joint Discomfort! This highly advanced form of Calcium Orotate has been combined with Magnesium Orotate; a combination that efficiently delivers the maximum levels of calcium to help promote optimum bone and cellular health.


IntraCalprovides optimum calcium in an ultra-absorbable form. It works efficiently to transport usable calcium into your bones.

This revolutionary calcium supplement helps your body absorb the calcium directly into your skeletal tissue. It has been estimated that only 9% of a traditional calcium tablet is absorbed by the body. This means you could be putting your skeleton on an unhealthy diet and flushing away 91% of the vital calcium you really need!


IntraCal penetrates your cell membranes to deliver calcium where it’s needed most. This highly advanced form of Calcium Orotate that has been combined with Magnesium Orotate; a combination that efficiently delivers the maximum levels of calcium to help promote optimum bone and cellular health.


What is an Orotate? Orotates are the mineral salts of a natural substance called orotic acid. It is found in your body and also in dairy products. It is believed that minerals and vitamins in orotate form act as superior transporters throughout the body. When a mineral is in an orotate form, it can pass through cell membranes easily without breaking apart so it can get to where it’s needed most - joints, tissues and cartilage.


How does Calcium Orotate Differ from Regular Calcium? Ninety-eight percent of the calcium in your body is found in your bones. In fact, calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body. If your bones loose more calcium than they take in, you can lose bone mass and weaken your bone structure. Calcium orotate (because of its unique molecular structure) possesses the ability to penetrate bones, cartilage and other tissue more effectively than regular calcium to help promote the re-calcification of your skeleton. This is a key point. You take calcium for promoting both an alkaline pH and bone density. Most traditional forms of calcium (an estimated 70 to 80%) are flushed out of your system before they can be absorbed! Calcium Orotate is different because it’s highly absorbable!


What does Magnesium Orotate do for the Skeleton? Many people are experiencing magnesium deficiencies. Why? Because of diets high in processed or fast foods. Magnesium promotes the proper absorption of calcium by your bones. Magnesium is also vitally important for a healthy cardiovascular system, for improved blood pressure, and for promoting a relaxed mood. Specifically, magnesium orotate acts as a "transporter" to help push calcium more efficiently through your cells, so it can reach the areas (bones, brain, and cardiovascular system) where it’s most needed.


Thousands of people are making IntraCal a part of their daily bone-health program because it delivers calcium more effectively to their systems for enhanced cellular nourishment. Order yours now! Your body will thank you in the years to come! 

Ingredients: Calcium Orotate, Magnesium Orotate, Opti-MSM™


Other Ingredients: Kosher certified vegetarian capsule


Suggested Dosage: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules 3 times a day or as directed by your healthcare provider. Keep out of reach of children.