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Progurt Probiotic (15-Pack Sachets)

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Quick Overview


A truly amazing probiotic.

The world’s first probiotic yogurt with multiple colonizing strains of beneficial Human Probiotic Isolate™ (HPI) and over 1 Trillion CFU per liter. 

Amazingly refreshing and with the benefit of probiotic bacteria. Progurt contains over 1 trillion CFU of probiotic per liter derived from Human Probiotic Isolate, bio-identical to those found in a healthy human gut. We strive to maintain absolutely no compromise on innovation, ingredients, quality, delivery speed and functionality. 

- 1 trillion CFU capability
- Human Probiotic Isolate&trade
- Multiple strains 
- Colonising strains
- Broad spectrum formulation 
- Stomach acid resistant
- Bile resistant
- Lactose free
- 12-month shelf life
- Made from natural ingredients

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Progurt Probiotic Sachets contain 1 trillion Colony Forming Units (CFU) capability per Sachet, making it, clinically tested the most powerful probiotic available. 


Human Probiotic Isolates are probiotic strains identical to those found in a healthy human gut from birth, unlike other probiotics that contain animal and plant strains. All strains are classified as non-transient, colonizing strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria. Unlike other probiotics, you do not need to consume Probiotic Sachets forever. 


The human body carries over 100 trillion microorganisms in the gut. An effective number of CFU must be from clinically tested probiotic strains that can be delivered alive through stomach acid into the small intestine and colon. 


Super-strength potency, combined with all strains being of human origin (not animal or plants strains) and unique strain formulation (GIT strains that are generally missing, fragile and fundamental to digestion, immune system functioning etc.) make Progurt Probiotic Sachets the most unique and advanced probiotic available.


The Progurt Probiotic Sachet is a unique formulation - Synergistic strains. Missing strains. Fragile strains. These strains were chosen for their capability to colonize and replicate in the Human GIT. 

Probiotic bacteria are species specific. For example, it is very common to have Lactic Acid Bacteria that has been bovine isolated from a cow. But not from a healthy human gut. Further, Progurt Probiotic strains are not commercially available. All strains were isolated, identified and replicated by The International Probiotics Institute. It is a proprietary formulation.


Unique points of Progurt Probiotic Sachets

1 Trillion CFU Capability per Probiotic Sachet

Human Probiotic Isolates (HPI) (No animal or Plant Strains.)

Synergistic, Colonising and Restoring Strains

Missing & Fragile Strains

Stomach Acid & Bile Resistant

Lactose, Soy & Gluten Free

Refrigeration Free & Travel Safe

Vegan Friendly


There are several strains of Human Probiotic Isolates contained in the Probiotic Sachet. These include Human Probiotic Isolates™ (HPI) of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) and Bifidobacteria, including Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bifidus, and Streptococcus Thermophilus.



Aid digestive health and rebalance gut flora due to:

  • Post-Antibiotics
  • Tummy Upset
  • Travel
  • Inbalance
  • Poor Gut Function

Learn More about Progurt in the News

Multiple-strains of probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), Bifido Bacteria, yeast extract and dietary fibre, all in a proprietary formulation.


Lactose Free

Soy Free

Vegan Friendly

Absolutely no GMO, fillers or additives

How to Make Progurt using Organic Milk : (Synergistic Nutrition Easy Instructions)

Add 1 sachet to 1⁄2 gallon of cow or goats milk. Put into glass jar and 
culture in warm place of 78 to 85 degrees F. for 24 to 48 hours depending 
on how thick you want it.

 You can also dissolve one sachet of Progurt in water or fresh juice and enjoy immediately.

 Dosage: For adults and children over 2 years: 1-2 Sachets per day. 


 How to Make Progurt using Organic Milk (Progurt  Company Detailed Instructions)

Here is a quick guide about how to make Progurt yogurt with the raw milk, if that is what you are using, or using Pasteurized organic milk and adding in organic milk powder. You can also use 100% Organic Whole Milk powder (either Cow or Goat – the Meyenberg Goat Milk Powder is excellent): 

measure out 4 cups (plus just a little) of the milk (note: it is best to keep the milk in the fridge at 37F or 36F temp for best storage) 

(NOTE: if using Goat Milk, add in Meyenberg Goat Milk Powder, instead of cow milk powder. If using 100% Organic whole milk powder (either cow or goat), use at least 7 ounces, up to 8 ounces, of milk powder with one liter of good water (NEVER use tap water! – Real spring water is best) If you want it on the thick side and creamy, then use 8 ounces, or 7 ounces for a less thick yogurt) 

1) Place milk into a thick stainless steel pan

2) Weigh out between 2 to 3 ounces of milk powder (or 7 to 8 ounces if you are using 100% reconstituted milk using milk powder)

3) Add in 2 healing tablespoons at a time and whisk (with a stainless steel wire whisk if possible) in and fully dissolve the milk powder until the whole 2 or 3 ozs. is well mixed and dissolved. Continue by 2 tablespoons at a time until all milk powder is dissolved.

4) SLOWLY bring to a boil (should be about 3 on the dial) and check often to make sure it is not being burned... reduce temp if necessary. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN THE MILK!!!

5) When the milk starts to foam up, it is boiling and you can lift off the burner (or turn it off if using a gas burner) so the foam goes back down. Then put it back on the burner (or turn back on) and let it foam up again. Do this 3 times.

6) Turn off burner 

7) Place pan into a large pyrex cassarole pan (or similar) with about 3/4 inch of water. Add a bunch of ice cubes and cool down the milk for about 15 minutes. If this is not possible, then either let it sit out to cool down or place carefully in fridge with lid on for about 15 minutes or so.

8) While milk is cooling, poor boiling water into plastic Progurt tub (removable container and lid) and the long spoon or spatula you will use to mix in the Progurt sachet (packet) of powder. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF WITH BOILING WATER!!!

9) Pour cooled milk into plastic tub. Do not over fill. Fill to just below the pour spout level

10) Open one end of sachet and sprinkle in the powder little by little while stirring continuously  - make sure ALL of the powder is emptied into the milk (sometimes some of the powder can be stuck at the end of the sachet or packet… so make sure it is ALL out and in the milk!) and stir very well for a couple of minutes to make sure all of the powder is well dissolved into the milk.

11) Snap on the lid of the tub, making sure that ALL of the corners and sides are completely pushed down and the lid is completely secure on all sides and corners.

12) Measure 50 ml of water using the included measure cup and place into the bottom of the incubator and plug in the incubator

13) Place tub in incubator and put on the plastic cover

14) Incubate for about 10 hours - use a timer or some kind of alarm, if possible so you do not forget to take out the Progurt when it is done. If the milk is not thick, or starting to get thick, then you can incubate it or an additional hour or so. NEVER INCUBATE MORE THAN 18 HOURS or so. The longer you incubate over the set-up time, the more sour, or tart, the yogurt will be.

15) Place in fridge for at least  5 to 6 hours or overnight

16) Use within 7 days if at all possible, which should never be an issue.