Q1000NG+ Laser

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Quick Overview

The Q1000NG+ laser, the result of decades of research, provides a method for adding energy to the body and stimulating cellular activity.

- Simpler to use: One-button operation

- More frequencies: Unlimited

- More therapy modes: Nine available modes

- Improved ergonomics: Easier to hold.

- Thinner and lighter than the Q1000NG. Flexible mode programming over the internet

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Q1000 Laser is a rare breed. It drastically differs from most models of Low Level Lasers (Soft Lasers, Cold Lasers) on the market in that it is a RESONATING laser, not STIMULATING. What it ultimately means is that the high therapeutic efficacy of the Q1000 Soft Laser can be achieved using very little power (see below for tech specs).


The body responds to a gentle healing light much better than to a stimulating light as it is not overwhelming to the body and nourishes without pushing too hard. That makes the Q1000NG+ Resonating Low Level Laser Laser very SAFE. In fact, it is so safe that you can, and should, use it directly on the eyes. (It is considered Class 1 laser devices, which means “insignificant risk“, and it is even allowed to be sold ‘over-the-counter’ for some specified health conditions – see below.)


Q: How do Resonating Lasers differ from Stimulating ones?
A: Resonating Low Level Lasers combine the therapeutic effect of light and frequency medicine. Resonating light emitting devices modulate light by making it pulse on a certain predetermined therapeutic frequency. The Q1000NG+ Laser can produce frequencies from 1 to 20,000 Hertz. QLaser resonators have built-in computers that can independently control each laser diode (and the Q1000NG+ has 12 of them), thereby allowing for complex multiple therapeutic frequencies during each treatment cycle. Sequences of frequencies have been combined into proprietary therapy modes that you can easily customize your device!


Modulating frequencies is not the only secret of the Resonating QLasers though. Q1000 Laser is alsoMULTICOLORED.  7 unique and most beneficial healing wavelengths (colors) of light uncovered by Dr. Lytle during his research are delivered by 20 light diodes in the Q1000NG+ (12 true LASER diodes and 8 LEDs) simultaneously with blue, red, and infrared output (470-940nm range).  Multiple wavelengths in Resonating QLasers are combined in a unique and proprietary way to form a SOLITON WAVE of light capable of deep and gentle penetration into the body.


Imagine a tidal wave of healing light cascading through your body, nourishing, energizing, and rejuvenating your damaged and injured cells, bathing your organs and tissues in coherent radiance, recharging your depleted biological battery – that’s Low Level Laser Therapy with Q1000NG+.