Synergy One (30mL)

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Synergy One supplies the body with a nurturing dose of an essential growth factor peptide, it helps to increase an essential growth factor peptide, that support uptake of amino acids. People report many benefits using this product. This product really works! It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee on the first bottle used.

**Please be aware in the winter months, the glass bottles may freeze and break.  It is best if ordering to receive this product and not allow it to sit on your step or in your mailbox.

Synergy One (30mL)

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Synergy One supplies your body with the energy needed to support an increase in Growth Factor levels in your body. 


Growth factors are produced by many tissues in your body, including a lesser known protein called the somatid. Gaston Naessens, the scientist who originally identified the somatid, found that this protein produced growth factors that caused cells to maintain their youthfulness. There are many different growth factors found in plant and animal sources: Growth factors are found in plants called saponins; wild yams contain the growth factor called diosogenin; and pearls contain a growth factor protein almost identical to human DNA that stimulates repair in human tissue.


These growth factors signal cells to absorb amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The rate at which your cells absorb amino acids determines the rate at which new proteins are made. The rate at which new proteins are made determines how young you are biologically. The faster you repair, the younger you are. Synergy One supplies the energy needed to support a more youthful level of Growth Factor in your body. After age 28, the production of growth factor begins to decline. Correct supplementation can raise these levels and make a big difference in the quality of your life.


Possible Benefits of Taking Synergy One: Results may vary, but a broad spectrum of benefits have been collected over a 10-year period, from hundreds of satisfied users.   


Synergy One Testimonies                                            


"In the two weeks since I have been using Synergy One, the osteoarthritis in my knees has improved 98% -- to the point where I didn't even find it necessary to mention it to my medical doctor during a recent visit.  In addition, my complexion has an added softness.  But the most outstanding change has been in my mood and alertness, which is a mellow sharpness.  I had never gotten any results whatsoever with the GH Precursors, and I had tried various brands.  Keep up the extraordinary work... and I'll write again in a few months." -Sincerely, Alice June 3, 2002


"Last year, after using a trial order of Synergy One, I re-ordered the product and was delighted with the results.  My hair color lost some grey and looked more like my natural brown; my arthritis twinges subsided; I felt generally more energetic, vital, and mentally sharper, as though I were enjoying a "Spring Tonic" like Mama used to dole out. Due to the urging of a friend and financial issues, I tried a different GH product that claimed a lot and cost less money.  After three months of use and disappointing results, I am requesting a new order of Synergy One.  I know what to expect and I look forward to feeling "Spring Tonic Perky" again, and also dropping some accumulated fat.  At 72 years of age, I'm vain enough to like the compliments I hear of looking 15 to 20 years younger and I was delighted to learn that Synergy One now costs less and is stronger than before.  Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to receiving my order as soon as possible.”- M.H., Jan. 2002


"My name is Charles Bower. I have been taking Synergy One for a month and a half now and have found it to have a dramatic improvement in my life. I am sixty two years old and have been suffering from arthritis for 25 years. My arthritis has consumed my hands, knees and spine.  After a month on the Synergy One, I noticed improvement in my ability to go up and down stairs, as well as the pain from the arthritis in my hands is gone. The improvement is so significant in fact that I no longer need to take Celebrex, my prescription medication for arthritis. I have received many other benefits as well; my blood pressure has gone down to 145/97 from 175/140. The medication that I have been on has not been able to stabilize my blood pressure for 10 years or get my diastolic under 100. Also, my sex drive has increased and my wife has also commented on my hair looking darker. Thanks to Synergy One, I feel great!" -March 27, 2003


“I am 59 yrs. old and have been menopausal since 1997. I have had no sexual desire for more years than that plus extreme vaginal dryness. After two weeks of taking Synergy One all that has changed. I am so young again sexually. The dryness is gone and sexual desire and pleasure has returned. In fact, the desire and pleasure is stronger than it has ever been. My husband and I used to talk about my frigidity, but don't need to anymore. Who can believe all that has changed at age 59? Several years ago I tried natural estrogen therapy, but only took it for two months because I didn't see any improvement and it wasn't covered by my insurance.  I've been taking Synergy One for one month and it is worth every penny. I am also feeling much more energetic and do not have any "down" feelings. I am looking forward to see what results I get after taking Synergy One for a few months.” - LR


60-Day Guarantee

Please use the entire bottle of Synergy One. If results are unsatisfactory, return the empty bottle with your full name, telephone number and a note stating the reason for your return. This guarantee is only good for a single bottle or the first bottle used. Please call to notify us of your return before you send it out.



Ingredients: Each spray of Synergy One delivers 833 ng. of a proprietary growth factor. This provides a one-month’s supply, at 6 sprays per day.


Synergy One comes in a 1-ounce spray bottle, with 30 ml of solution.  There are approximately 192 sprays per bottle. 

Suggested Dosage: For best results, take Synergy One on an empty stomach 45 minutes before, or 3 hours after meals.  Pump 3 sprays into the cheek area of your mouth, or under the tongue. Use once in the morning and again at bedtime. Hold the liquid in your mouth for 90 seconds before swallowing.

Servings Per Container: 180 sprays


Please Note: A small percentage of people with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) or diabetes may not achieve noticeable results, even at 6 sprays per day. High blood sugar levels completely cancel the benefits of growth hormone. An amino acid deficiency may also hinder results. The same has been observed in vegans and vegetarians. Without enough circulating amino acids in the blood, the ability to repair or create new proteins is greatly diminished.


Those dealing with blood sugar problems are advised to take the following synergistic products: One World Whey, B6-Complex, Megahydrate and Ormus 72 Elements. The synergistic effect these products have on sugar absorption and utilization can be very impressive. One World Whey supplies a high quality whey protein powder derived from Amish pastured cows. All the proteins are in the BioActive or usable state. B6-Complex supports energy production, nerve health and mental clarity. Megahydrate at 2 caps opened into every 32oz of water you drink, supports hydration, energy, detoxification, oxygenation and an alkaline pH. Ormus 72 Elements supports mineral needs that support healthy DNA, enzyme production, mental sharpness and mood.


Maximizing the Benefits of Synergy One

(Please note: All products mentioned below are carried by Synergistic Nutrition.)

  • Synergy One can work synergistically with other supplements.  We recommend Barley Max Mint as a multivitamin. It gives every nutrient needed to sustain life, except vitamin D. Barley Max Mint is an organic blend of barley grass and alfalfa juice in powdered form. This extremely concentrated product alkalinizes and supports blood building. This, combined with our Fermented Cod Liver Oil will give all the needed vitamins for you to optimally function on a daily basis.


  • High sugar levels completely negate results.  Take Synergy One one hour before or three hours after food. Eliminate or substantially reduce your intake of white sugar, sodas, coffee, alcohol, candy, bottled fruit juices and sugar-coated breakfast cereals. Eliminate anything that contributes to chronically high blood sugar.


  • Avoid large meals or snacks before bedtime. This will inhibit the body’s own secretion of growth hormone; 75% of which occurs in the first 2 hours of sleep.


  • Exercising, especially weight-training, and brief periods (1 to 3 days) of fasting will help increase the release of growth hormone. Take Synergy One approximately one hour before any vigorous exercise for added repair support.


  • Wait five minutes before drinking any fluids after spraying Synergy One in your mouth.


  • Consume one-half of your body weight in fluid ounces of pure water per day to ensure adequate cell hydration and detoxification.  This can dramatically improve overall health.


  • Consume enough protein at your meals to ensure tissue regeneration and repair at night.  People with poor protein digestion, vegans or vegetarians should addOne World WheyTM Protein Powder to their diet.


  • Taking our Megahydrate can raise your pH and increase your oxygen carrying capacity. This means more sugar is converted into actual energy. Ideal Saliva pH is 7-7.4. Typical dosage is 2 caps opened into every 32 oz. of water you drink.


60-Day Guarantee

Please use the entire bottle of Synergy One. If results are unsatisfactory, return the empty bottle with your full name, telephone number and a note stating the reason for your return. This guarantee is only good for a single bottle or the first bottle used. Please call to notify us of your return before you send it out.