Liqui Min (Colloidal Minerals) by Daily Manufacturing (32 fl oz)

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An excellent, hard-to-find source of colloidal easy to absorb trace elements

Liqui Min (Colloidal Minerals) by Daily Manufacturing (32 fl oz)

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One of the most exciting areas of human research in the 1990’s has been the discovery of new elements known to be essential in human nutrition. The importance of many minerals has been understood for many years. The role of calcium for instance, as a structural component of bones and teeth has been understood for a long time. Calcium’s role in muscle movement has more recently become understood, and only very recently has the importance of calcium in controlling immune cell activation been discovered. Many trace elements are only now beginning to be accepted as essential to humans. Chromium was recognized to be essential for the action of insulin in regulating blood sugar levels in the late 1980’s. Boron is another trace element recently shown to be important for hormonal regulation. Both boron and silicon are now known to be essential for proper bone formation. Recent research suggests that vanadium is an essential element for the regulation of many enzyme systems in life forms as diverse as algae and humans. Other elements that recent evidence suggests maybe essential nutrients include manganese, bromine, fluorine, lead, and arsenic. Many of the trace elements such as arsenic, selenium and vanadium, though essential in small amounts, are also highly toxic in only slightly larger amounts. It is important to receive small amounts of many different trace elements daily to obtain optimal health and vitality.


Historical Basis for Liqui-MinNative American Healing Stream

In 1925 a sick rancher by the name of Thomas Clark contacted one of a few remaining Indian healers and was led to a stream whose healing waters had long been used by the Piute Indians of Utah. Soon after drinking the water, Tom Clark underwent an amazing recovery. Wanting to learn the secrets of the “healing stream”, Tom Clark returned to the stream and followed it into the mountains where he found a unique deposit of ancient compressed plant material with the spring water running through it. The plant material turned out to be the remains of an ancient rain forest. Subsequent testing of the material revealed that it contained over 70 elements, some quite rare, in a colloidal state. Tom Clark developed a method for leaching the minerals out of the plant material and gave bottles of the miracle liquid to friends and neighbors. Soon the word of the healing water spread throughout the world and many people sought healing water of the ancient Native Americans. Thomas Clark devoted the rest of his life to perfecting the leaching process and improving it. Today the tradition of Thomas Clark continues with his children and grandchildren still producing the healing water. The Clark family mineral water is the original colloidal mineral. Because of the long-standing tradition of healing and time proven effectiveness, Daily Manufacturing believes that there is no substitute for the authentic Clark’s water.


Why Use Liqui-Min and notother Colloidal Minerals

Many companies other than Daily Manufacturing make colloidal minerals, some even use Clark’s original mineral water. What we believe makes ours special is the quality control and processing. When we get Liqui-Min from the Clark factory it has already passed their rigorous quality control standards, but then must undergo the scrutiny of our scientific and quality control staff. Each batch must meet our bacteriological standards and is processed through an advanced microfiltration system that removes any bacteria, but leaving all colloidal minerals. This leaves a sterile broth that is rich in valuable minerals. Liqui-Min has also been tested for lead and mercury and found to contain no detectable lead by atomic absorption analysis, and very low amounts of mercury (10% of the concentration the EPA allows in drinking water). There are other ways of making sterile liquids, but most will alter the electrical charge on the extremely small and delicate colloidal particles. Daily Liqui-Min is the most scientifically advanced colloidal mineral available, and also the most authentic. The same product used by Native American Healers for centuries.


We use mineral water from T.J. Clark in Utah. This source of ionized and colloidal liquid minerals is the original colloidal mineral water using lignite, which is derived from ancient vegetation (in between peat moss and coal). Water is slowly dripped through the lignite, allowing it to accumulate the rich natural blend of easily assimilated trace elements. This is an excellent, hard-to-find source of trace elements.


This product contains varying major amounts of the following:







Consume 1oz - 2 times per day for the first 30 days and then approximately 1oz per day thereafter. We suggest it be taken after meals in your favorite fruit juice.