QE2 Plus Quantum Electro Magnetic Zapper without footpads

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Quick Overview

QE2 Plus is a powerhouse model featuring the most powerful magnets in the world -- Rare Earth N50 Neodymium Magnets. It features a proprietary array of 32 magnets within an enhanced matrix of dozens of high grade amethyst crystals.

parasite-killing capabilities

- help to get rid of tooth infections

- blood purification properties

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This guide is only a guide. You may want to go slower or faster depending in how you feel. If you react at any point stop until the reaction dies down. When you start back zapping resume at a lower level to stay inside your comfort zone. Never zap if you are outside your comfort zone.


The chart is not an end point. 4 minutes may just be the beginning for many people. Some people can only tolerate 10 seconds while others zan zap for 1 hour. You need to experiment to find your maximum level of comfort.





Day 1  15 sec.
Day 2  15 sec.
Day 3  30 sec.
Day 4  30 sec.
Day 5  1 min.
Day 6 1 min.
Day 7  2 min.
Day 8  2 min.
Day 9  3 min.
Day 10  3 min.


Download Instructions Manual Here


Summary of potential benefits:

Increased oxygenation of the body's cells
Increased mobility in arthritic joints and improved pain relief
Relaxation of muscle spasms
Improved sleep
Improved nerve regeneration
Reduction of bruising, inflammation and swelling
Speedier recovery from sports injuries
Increased resistance to infection
Improved circulation
Improved detoxification
Improved energy
Enhanced healing of injuries and fractures
Improved well-being
Inproved sense of alertness
Deeper penetration for specific conditions
An improved Electroporation Effect


The Unique Formula features:

1. Near 100% Duty Cycle 
2. Stabilized Wave
3. Superior Signal with Hard Wiring
4. Distortion-Free Wave 
5. Constant High Voltage & Amperage
6. High Conductivity 
7. Enhanced Penetration with Footpads
8. Powerful Low Frequency 
9. Superior Harmonics 
10. Powerful Blood Electrification
11. Powerful Electroporation Effect
12. Aura Expansion
13. Neodymium Magnet Array
14. Amethyst Crystal Matrix
15. 12-volt Universal AC Adapter
16. Double pair of copper/steel handholds
17. Copper and Stainless Steel footpads (optional)
18. Enhanced 32-Neodymium Magnet Array
19. Enhanced Amethyst Crystal Matrix
20. Powerful lower frequency


The model is housed in a professional-grade impact-resistant ABS box measuring 3½ x 2½ x 1" that includes a 9-volt battery compartment.


Near 100% DUTY CYCLE

The Ultimate Zapper's positive offset square wave reaches deeply into the body due to a near 100% Duty Cycle that is 2x longer than other zappers'



The Ultimate Zapper's stabilized wave stays square with body contact. This creates superior results in synergy with its other powerful features.


Point-to-point hard wiring is how all electronics were made before printed cicuit boards (PCBs). Scientific testing shows the product quality of PCBs degrades from high temperatures during manufacture. They look neat but often fail.

In fact, hard wiring creates a superior signal to PCBs. For this reason many high end audio companies still use hard wiring exclusively. Above is my Atma-Sphere S-30 amplifier made with hard wiring by world-renowned Ralph Karsten. It is not pretty but it creates world-class sound. Hard wiring is one of the secrets of The Ultimate Zapper's success. It has not had a single circuit failure in 20 years. Other zappers use PCBs. 



The AC adapters that come with QE1 and QE2 produces a constant 10.5 volts with distortion-free wave & undiminished effectiveness. Battery discharge causes wave distortion that diminishes effectiveness.



Dr. Hulda Clark stated that the zapper's voltage must be at least 9 volts or more at all times for the square wave to be therapeutically effective on the cellular level. The Ultimate Zapper is powered by AC adapters that deliver 10.5 to 12 volts at all times. Since there is no discharging battery there is no loss of voltage and no loss of therapeutic power. QE1 comes with a free 9-volt AC adapter that keeps voltage and amperage constant for optimum therapeutic results. Overseas orders for QE1 ship with a free 9-volt Universal AC Adapter (for use worldwide). QE2 comes with a free 12-volt universal AC adapter (for use world-wide) that keeps voltage & amperage constant for optimum therapeutic results. The adapters are 100% safe



QE1 and QE2 have the highest conductivity of any zappers thanks to the synergy of their professional gold-plated Neutrik connectors, internal circuitry, lead-free silver alloy solder and AC adapters. BE is are also a high-conductivity zapper. All 4 models are RoHS Compliant -- "green" thanks to lead-free components

100% Lead-free solder and components Why lead-free solder? Lead is a very poor conductor of electricity. Although this is common knowledge it is frequently used in solder because it is soft, pliable, melts at a low temperature and is relatively cheap. However, the downsides are that its softness and pliability make it an unreliable adhesive. Not to mention the fact that lead is very toxic. Lead and other substances used in manufacturing are so toxic that Europe has instituted the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) act. Any new product to be sold in the EU (and California) must adhere to strict anti-toxic measures. Replacing lead-containing components and lead solder in The Ultimate Zapper with lead-free components and lead-free silver alloy solder gives it the highest electrical conductivity of any zapper because silver has the highest conductivity of any element. RoHS hit the European electronic community hard. Many electronic products had to be re-engineered with new lead-free parts and lead-free solder. In the long run, this is great for the environment and for customers. Removing poor conductive materials from the signal path enhances conductivity and improves results dramatically. The Ultimate Zapper is 100% RoHS Compliant.



Dr. Clark said "footpads help greatly". They increase penetration up to 77%. and allow for hands-free zapping and pet zapping. One copper footpad and one stainless steel footpad produce the best synergy for QE2. Two stainless steel footpads produce the best synergy for the other 4 models. Click here for connection instructions.



The Ultimate Zapper kills pathogens more effectively than other zappers thanks to the synergy of its 12 features. QE1 features a frequency of 2500Hz. QE2 features a frequency of 2000Hz.



Dr. Clark published a chart with parasite frequencies. So, many people concluded zappers are frequency generators that target individual pathogens with a specific frequency. They are not. Zappers use a positive offset square-wave and a single frequency to sweep through all frequencies. That's the magical secret of zapper technology discovered by Dr. Clark that defines zappers. Unfortunately, she created "confusion damage" with her chart. Dr. Clark's own A6 zapper was weak, but one frequency (30,000 Hz.) was what made it tick long with its square-wave. Ironically, Dr. Clark knew 2500 Hz. was the best frequency but kept her 30,000 Hz. for research continuity. The Ultimate Zapper uses one low frequency. Multiple-frequency "zappers" are feature-weak. They cover their weakness by adding redundant frequencies, going by various names: dual zapper, multi-frequency zapper, sweep zapper, programmable zapper, smart key zapper, switchable zapper, combined-frequency zapper. Their focus on frequency ignores the powerful synergy of multiple key features -- as per The Ultimate Zapper's synergistic 12-feature formula.



Harmonics are secondary frequencies that enhance the primary wave. Electronics expert Dr. Richard Loyd tested all major zappers. He found The Ultimate Zapper creates more harmonics than any other zapper. Electronics expert Giovanni P. backed this with oscilloscope views & research. Digital zappers that dial frequencies create no harmonics.



QE2 has a powerful blood purification/electrification capacity (patented elsewhere). This is the same effect created by Bob Beck magnetic pulser devices. See scientific proof. See Instruction #25 and testimonials on cancer, HIV and Lyme in the Testimonial Archive.



Electroporation temporarily increases cell porosity, enhancing the effect of supplements, nutrients, herbs & medicine (dosages may reduce). It also enhances homeopathic remedies & colloidal silver. Zapper makers say zappers can't create electroporation. They mean their zappers. The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation Effect is proved by the Electroporation Challenge and unsolicited Electroporation Testimonials. See this link to an important NIH report on clinical trials using Electroporation for melanoma.



An expanded aura enhances the body's healing powers. Documentation. Dowsers love The Ultimate Zapper. "Your zapper increases the human aura 3 times. It is a very healing instrument." "Arthur Doerksen's Auto-Zap works -- but not well. Yours won among all [the auras] I tested on the net."



NEODYMIUM MAGNETS: QE2 includes an array of the world's strongest magnets that create a powerful magnetic field. Studies show magnetic therapy reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, stimulates circulation and improves energy. Magnetic pulsers can be harsh, but QE2 has a gentle healing power.



AMETHYST CRYSTALS: Amethyst has well-documented healing powers on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Amethyst, a variety of quartz, also has the energies inherent in quartz. It is powerful and gentle in its action.


15. Double handholds -- 1 pair copper & 1 pair steel

We have discovered that solid copper handholds create a powerful synergy when used together with stainless steel handholds. QE2 is the first double handhold zapper in the world. Copper is 6 times more conductive than stainless steel. This does not mean QE2 is 6 times more powerful than QE1 because conductivity is limited by amperage. But a lot more current reaches the user. The bottom line: a lot more power as you go up the line.


16. 12-volt Universal AC Adapter -- free of charge

Voltage contributes greatly to zapping power. New Model QE1 uses a 9-volt AC adapter that prodices constant high voltage. New Model QE2 uses a 12-volt AC adapter that produces constant high voltage. The driving force determining zapper power lies in the synergy of voltage and amperage. All models create constant amperage -- with tremendous healing power.


17. Copper and Stainless Steel footpads (optional) - Please see the Footpads here for purchase

Solid copper or stainless steel footpads (optional) greatly enhance the powerful synergy of double handholds.


18. Enhanced Neodymium 32-Magnet Array

The creation of a modified Neodymium Magnet Array and the addition of 8 extra N50 Neodymium magnets boosts the variable magnetic field by a factor from 100% to 980%. This huge increase helps produce a phenomenal improvement in therapeutic results. The Neodymium 32-Magnet Array produces a gentle and constant magnetic pulse -- unlike Bob Beck magnetic pulsers that can be quite harsh, producing strong bursts of microcurrent.


19. Enhanced Amethyst Crystal Matrix

The creation of a modified Amethyst Crystal Matrix and the addition of more amethyst crystals greatly enhances therapeutic effects.


20. Powerful lower frequency

QE2 features a lower frequency than QE1. Extensive testing has shown that a frequency of 2,000 Hz. creates superior synergy with QE2's other features.


Connecting and Starting

After connecting, make sure the 2 handholds in your left hand are actually touching one another -- same for the 2 handholds in your right hand. They will be attracted to each other by the internal magnets. The 2 handholds in each hand should be wrapped with paper toweling. They do not need to be wrapped separately.

If you hear some rattling in the QE2 handholds that's completely normal. The rattling is the amethyst crystals.

QE2 is so powerful that you do not zap with breaks. You do Duration Zapping (below) without the breaks. Most people start at 15 seconds. But sensitive people should start at 10 seconds. Sensitive people should not use QE2 for long sessions. They should only zap within their comfort zone. If you start to feel uncomfortable or unwell then stop zapping for 3 days and resume at a lower level, staying inside your comfort zone. Although QE2 is very powerful most people will only feel a gentle pulsing.

Many of our field testers say they do not need to zap everyday with QE2 once they have done an initial course of zapping. A short single session without breaks once every 2 or 3 days is enough to sustain its full effects for many people.




There are no 20-minute breaks with QE1 or QE2 -- no breaks at all. They are designed for Duration Zapping. QE1 and QE2 should be used by sensitive people starting at 10 seconds. They may add 5 seconds per day up to their maximum level of comfort, always staying within their comfort zone. Sensitive people may use QE1 for long sessions if they are within their comfort zone but they should not use QE2 for long sessions. People who are not sensitive can start at 15 seconds. They may zap for long durations within their comfort zone. Since everyone is different and each case is different, everyone will have to experiment to find out what works best with Duration Zapping. Some people can only do Duration Zapping for 10 or 15 seconds. Others can zap for 1 hour or more. Always stay within your comfort zone.


When should I zap?

Many people feel sleepy after zapping. So, they prefer zapping at bedtime. Make sure you turn your zapper off before falling asleep. Do not fall asleep when you are attached to the handholds.

Many people feel energized when zapping. So, they choose to zap in the morning.

You will need to experiment to discover the best zapping time for you.



When using the handholds and footpads you can expect even better results. Footpads increase effectiveness by up to 77%. You can order a pair of footpads when you place your zapper order or you can order them later. The footpads come with extra long wires. BE comes with long wires with bare copper wire for connecting. SE comes with sold copper clips. XE, QE1 and QE2 come with gold-plated professional quality Neutrik plugs. You must always cover the footpads with wet paper toweling or thin cotton cloth before zapping -- same as with the handholds. For maximum results use the handholds and footpads at the same time -- but only after you have zapped for at least a few days with the handholds only. To zap hand-free you may use the footpads alone by putting your feet on the footpads while avoiding the use of the handholds.



Side Effects

The die-off effect (also known as a Herxheimer reaction) can happen if you detoxify too quickly. I recommend going slowly with detoxification. Trying to go fast can make you feel unwell. You may feel like you are coming down with the flu, although you are not. If you start to feel unwell from parasite die-off stop zapping for at least 3 days. When you resume zapping, cut back to a level below the level that made you feel unwell. Do not enter a zone of discomfort. Go slow and steady.


Before zapping consult your doctor if you have a specific medical condition or if you are taking medication or herbal products or supplements. The Ultimate Zapper's powerful Electroporation Effect will enhance their effects by temporarily increasing cell permeability. Electroporation opens the cell walls temporarily, letting nutrients, herbs and medication enter the cells more efficiently. Although some people find this beneficial it may not be beneficial for all people under all conditions. Medication dosages should be closely monitored by you and your doctor. Dosages may need to be lowered in some cases.


Kimberly R.: I didn't feel anything during the [zapping session] but felt very sleepy & tired afterward ... until 8 PM. I noticed the fullness in my right ear was completely gone. I've had it 24/7 for 8 years. I woke up this morning with more energy than I've had in many weeks. I am very excited about the results. I can give you a stellar testimonial. Jan. 27, 2015


Yoshiro T.: I'm an Acupuncturist. I treat my patients with Vibrational Medicine ... I got QE2 yesterday. I got good results after using it for 15 seconds. Wow! The Utimate Zapper is a good tool for everybody. I want to introduce this zapper [to my patients]. Please tell me how to become a distributor. Apr. 24, 2015


Earl K.: ... about the infection in my foot from the surgery almost 10 years ago ... I'm sitting here with a foot that is almost completely healed ... I had a ravenous sore and lump of about 1/2 inch wide and a lot of pain!! After week 1 there was a scab that appeared and as I pulled on it I could see it was an old stitch left in my foot. Oh but that's not all. The pain persisted and I kept zapping and lo and behold 2 days ago on Saturday morning as I wiped what I thought was a new scab, was actually a huge clot of material and weird things that seemed to be rubber. The old zapper was not strong enough but the new one was strong enough to force this material out of my body after 10 years of dealing with this!! I am very gratified to hear this good news. As of today I have no pain at all and the sore is flat and almost healed. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for what you do and for your zapper. May 12, 2015


Hank W.: [QE2] arrived on Saturday. I tried it on Sunday. My biggest issue is CPPD [a condition similar to rheumatoid or osteo arthritis]. I thought the results would be about like taking Vitamin E or C - i.e., you feel OK and maybe the vitamin caused it or maybe not. Your device, however, provided immediate and clearly beneficial results. Also, I didn't expect the benefit to be even more clearly evident the next day. It was! Mar. 23, 2015