Angela Suarez - 2017


Excellent protein resource. It was recommended to me when my dog (large breed) had knee surgery as supplement to add in his food along other vitamins. The improvement was right away. I then started drinking it myself and it just feels right.



Ondrea - taking One World Whey protein for 6 years - October 2016


I have been using one world whey for about 6yrs. When my husband brought it home and asked me to try it, I said I didnt like products like that and that i didnt want to gain weight. he knew that i hadn’t been feeling good. I was dealing with massive dizzy spells-like I would almost pass out, mood issues, tired all the time, nausea, migrating joint pain and 1000 other things. I went to a medical clinic not to far away and was tested for everything. I found that I had many toxins from being a hairdresser, smoker and had depleted my body. My body had nothing to rebuild itself because I had been living a “junk-food vegetarian” lifestyle. seriously I thought I was eating healthy.  I started taking one world whey everyday. To my surprise I felt stronger everyday. My sugar cravings went completely away. My dizzy spells went away, my mood stabilized, I had more stamina, I lost weight, and I overall looked much better. everyday that I took oww felling better it became easier to live a healthy lifestyle. My thoughts were clear and I became more motivated to help others. While working on my clients they would ask what I had changed why I was looking healthier. Of course I would share oww way with them. it became a given that if someone was hungry I would feed them a lovely shake. i found that I really enjoyed helping people become beautiful from the inside out.so i became a health coach and a hairdresser. Now I sell oww at my salon and my clients find that they have the same results as I did. they find that they are clearer thinking, they have thicker hair, longer healthier nails,and a glow to their skin. I am so happy that oww is in my life and I have it in the salon to help others regain thier life and looks. 

Thank you to Stephen, 

Wishing You a Blessed Day, Ondrea Rhodes

the lotus effect



Lee - taking One World Whey for 2.5 years - September 2016

My Name is Lee and I am 41 and I have been using One World Whey for 2.5 years now. I suffered from a bulged L4 and L5 disc from a car accident 3 years ago and since then I have been unable to walk long distances, do any minor lifting or just normal activities with my children without having severe back pain. Since I have started using One World Whey I have been able to walk more, engage in activities with my children and have less lower back pain. One World Whey has helped me regain back my strength, confidence and have a healthier life. I have noticed a weight loss of about 20 pounds, my A1C has dropped 2 points and I have more energy. One World Whey has helped me get my life back.


Willy Puricz -- Paretns being on One World Whey--- July 2016


Elizabeth Nobbe -- One World Whey and 5 Seed Oil Blend Testimony--- July 2016


Joshua Greene -- One World Whey + Prodovite + Andreas Seed Oils Testimony--- July 2016


Jay Cooper -- One World Whey Testimony--- July 2016


Carol Crosby -- Healing Power of Technologically Enhanced One World Whey--- April 2016


Holly King -- One World Whey Helps to Get Rid of Pain from Post-Accident Trauma --- April 2016


Nadia DiGregorio -- Energy Boost -- Technologically Enhanced One World Whey--- April 2016


Jonathan Wright's Testimony -- Recovery -- Technologically Enhanced One World Whey--- November 2015

Jason Reeves' Testimony -- Pain Reduction -- Technologically Enhanced One World Whey--- November 2015

February, 2015

from Vicki Hopkins, One World Whey diet helps a 85 yr.old lady with dementia symptoms

My 85 yr. old mother showed dementia symptoms around five years ago.  I started using One World Whey in my juicing for her and noticed a difference in about a month on small things.  Then, she started asking questions about current issues that seemed to have been forgotten by her.  Her present memory was affected more than her childhood memories.  My granddaughter helps care for her, and said how nice it is to have conversations with her again.  She started joining in with our conversations more, and remembering what she did from the day before. She is having good conversations, and I have great feedback from other people about her improvement. It is still a work in progress, but we are enjoying having her back.

My mom does take the new improved formula, and has been on this for about 5 months.  I add it to my juicing recipe of fresh vegetables,fruits,and yogurt.  I usually add oil to make the protein more accessible to the cells, such as coconut oil.

Thanks for  a great product.

February 9, 2015
from Shaz Mirtolooi

I have been using One world whey for 2 years now. It is by far the best Whey protein product available. I have tried so many different protein supplements and One World is the purest and tastiest. Primarily I use the whey powder in smoothies. My favorite recipe is 2 scoops of Vanilla or Chocolate, 1 table spoon of organic coconut oil, 1 frozen banana and water. I literally live off of this stuff. I have such a busy schedule and exercise for 3 hours 6 days a week -  75% of my diet is made up of liquids( all One World Smoothies) and I eat a big green salad with some type of animal protein at night. I feel great throughout the day: light and full of energy. 

I love the NEW formula. However I noticed it is too fluffy in water until after it has been refrigerated for a few days. I keep all my whey in the fridge. Once the powder has been in fridge for some time - the final smoothies are not as clumpy. 

February 16, 2015
Read and view Nick Lupo's story about taking One World Whey: 

>>WATCH THE VIDEO (click here)

Back in 2014 I was dealing with issues trying to gain weight and having bad joint pain due to arthritis. I was working out like crazy, eating healthy and could not gain a single pound. I began taking One World Whey around January 1, 2015. Here it is mid February and I've already gained 9 pounds of lean muscle and I feel great. My body looks great, my skin looks healthier and my joints feel better. I am in The best shape that I have ever been in. I currently have a 5 pound container of the strawberry and a 5 pound container of the chocolate. They both taste amazingly good. It makes a great recovery drink for post workout. I travel for work so I use a shaker bottle with water a lot of the times while on the road. When I am home on the weekends I like to make a protein smoothie. I will put 8 ounces of organic whole milk, some ice cubes, 2 to 4 tablespoons of organic peanut butter and a banana in a blender. After blending those ingredients until smooth I add a scoop of One World Whey to the blender and put it on the lowest speed until completely mixed. It turns out delicious every time! I also have turned some of my friends and family onto one world way and they have had nothing but good things to say about it. 

(Nick takes One World Whey in combination with Synergy One growth factor peptide)

The synergy one seems to work very well combined with OWW. I had shoulder surgery back in October and had three months for recovery. The synergy one seemed to help advanced healing and I'm pretty impressed with my muscle growth and healing. I started taking them both at the same time. Once again thank you for your great products and I'm looking forward to a lifetime of business with you.


February 13, 2015
Read how Steve McCaffrey enjoys One World Whey and look at some recipes he shares:

I don't have any severe health challenges, but after hearing about how One World Whey supports production of glutathione and thus antioxidants and detoxification, I decided try some to maintain great health in today's challenging environment.  Why wait to become ill?  It tastes so ridiculously good, you'd think it should be illegal! :-)  The chocolate reminds me of Ovaltine, but much better; the vanilla is like sweat cream, and the strawberry tastes like ice cream.  I've been consuming One World Whey for a year now, and believe it is part of the reason that I seem to be getting stronger and more youthful even at 55.  My seven siblings are also loving it; I got them each the 5 lb. chocolate containers for Christmas.

I enjoy the whey almost daily with several foods; as you can see in the photos, I took some fresh figs from the backyard tree, added some yogurt, coconut cream, strawberry One World Whey, colostrum, wheat germ oil, and had a delicious dessert! 


In the other photo you see that I've mixed yogurt and sliced banana topped with chocolate One World Whey, Surthrival Colostrum, walnuts, cinnamon, honey, coconut cream, and coconut oil.
Often I'll make a quick creamy, dreamy shake: Just add some One World Whey with a bit of Surthrival Colostrum and some Great Lakes Gelatin stirred in Blue Diamond coconut/almond milk.  I'll usually include coconut oil to balance it out.  This really satisfies for a good while.

I also sprinkle the whey over cereal.

Thanks so much for bringing a delicious and nutritious food to the market!




February 9, 2015
Christopher Moses

We just received our NEW batch of One World Whey.  We absolutely love the CHOCOLATE and so do our kiddos!!!  We have used one World Whey for the past four years. Family thoughtfully bought us our first batch because they knew how into healthy products and good nutrition we are.  There is no other company or product like One World Whey….the nutrients are alive and you will feel better when using it.  We use this product to help my husband keep up energy during his long days as a teacher! It is easy enough to stock in his room with bottled water for a quick and healthy pick me up. 
We excitedly waited for the NEW batch to release and cannot wait to try the strawberry flavor!! This product is a life changer!!!



Listen to Audrey's testimonial who has been taking One World Whey protein and experiencing great results --- May 2014




Listen to Kelly Marrow Cadena's testimonial  --- May 2014




Read Kelly Marrow Cadena's Testimonial --- May 2014


"My son is Autistic and if you go back in his history he has had a lot of food sensitivities. I did not know any better in the beginning, but now I know that whenever I fed him a food that he was having a reaction to, he would put his head down on the tray of his high chair. My very knowledgeable Medical Doctor told me he instinctively knows what to eat and to follow his instincts. So knowing that going forward I’ve let him instinctively choose the foods he can eat. I only give him healthy choices.


So when One World Whey arrived, we’d opened the box and you could only see the top part of the container, he started clawing for it and saying, want that, want that, I want that, I want that. So I put just ½ a scoop in his bottle with raw milk. He took a sip and said want more, want more, want more. Now the only food he is eating is his raw milk with One World Whey. That is the only food he will eat. Which is fine because it is a whole food and he is not missing out on anything. Before he was still eating food with his raw milk, but since adding the One World Whey, he does not require anything else. And I think that is amazing when you look at his history, that he has always known what was good for his body.


My Medical Doctor sees people from all over the world to treat people with Autism. He himself has a 30-year-old daughter who is compromised with mercury that he takes care of. I took your 5lb One World Whey to my Doctor and told him he needs to sell this. He tried it and absolutely likes it for himself and his family.


On may 14th my son will be three. We’ve been to the doctor for these 3 years 5 times per week. Last August we were in the hospital for one month and our son had chemotherapy and surgery. At the beginning of March our son started to drink One World Whey. On March 28th he got a cat scan and the seven lesions on his lungs were gone. The doctors considered this miraculous as they thought surgery was the only option.


I think it is so important for parents to give what their kids need and require, based upon their body’s ability to handle the food in question. Had I not of paid attention to my son’s instincts I would not have known what to have fed him. Even though I know One World Whey is a good product I might not have been able to see the importance it would play in his diet had I not of let his instincts determine what he eats."


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Read Jared's Testimonial --- May 2014


“For a preface I should state that (ironically) I am not exactly the kind that would give a testimony, usually, but this testimony itself proves how superb this product really is! The addition of the more than generous offer from Synergistic Nutrition just drove the deal home for me. To start, I got into this because I had called about purchasing more of the one pound chocolate One World Whey (that I had heard advertised on a radio show that I have listened to for years) because I couldn't find any at one of the few local stores in my town that carried it OR even the internet! Obviously, as I have found out, this stuff is in VERY HIGH DEMAND. And I know why. But, they were out, too. So, I finally was able to grab some off of the Internet after waiting a couple of days. I am thirty-seven years old, not 'old', but certainly not as young as I was. As I have gotten older and combined with physical labor on my type of work almost half of my working life, I have started to feel the physical effects of age and physical laborious work on my body. A few months ago I finally purchased a one pound chocolate container of the whey and within just a few days I felt the difference and improvement, immediately! It was INCREDIBLE! All day all I did was take an average number of about 25-30 quarter-ton pallets with a pallet-jack up and down on a lift and really felt it at the end of the day. (Really heavy work in other words!) After I started taking the whey, it was hard NOT to notice the way I felt. One of the best ways for me to describe exactly how I felt was that the "sluggishness' WAS GONE. GONE! No more feeling lethargic, lazy, un-energetic, unmotivated, and apathetic to any type of physical movement or activities of any kind, whatsoever. I feel TEN to FIFTEEN years younger AND am keeping up with guys HALF my age! It gives more than enough energy for a full day of hard work. This is what TRUE healthcare should be! PRE-healthcare, if you will. Something you do to help your health BEFORE something even gets the chance to get bad (because it helps with the immune system, TOO!). Overall, because of the TREMENDOUS burst of energy it supplies to the body, its natural healing properties from the immune boosters, and its superior nutritional value, I would give this an eleven on a scale of one to ten and six stars on a scale of one to five stars! Bottom line, this product should really be classified as MEDICINE and is PHENOMENAL! Absolutely incredible! GREAT for energy! I'll end it with and old German proverb, 'The best doctor is a good cook.' Here's to your health!


Thank you for the opportunity to give my testimonial and your most generous exchange gift and keep up the good work! Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, God Bless, and have a good one."


- Thank you, Jared (Barger)


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Annette's Hot Flashes Go Away After 2.5 weeks on One World Whey

Gary Clarke, age 80, is getting stronger, feels younger and his bowel movements have become regular again.


Pain Alleviation & Toxic Metals Reduced And Verified Via Hair Testing



Steve experiences increased strength and muscle. His 77-year-old mother's energy and mobility improves in just four hours after taking One World Whey. - May 2011

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Rich Says, "It Actually Made Me Feel Better. It Is By Far The Best I've Ever Tried!" - March 2011

During the past 30 years, I've tried a half dozen or so whey protein products. One World Whey is the first one in which I noticed a discernable difference. It not only tastes better than any other vanilla whey I've used, but it actually made me feel better. This difference became even more dramatic when I ran out and had to substitute another popular whey protein product. Most people know how beneficial whey protein powder is. What more people need to know is how much more beneficial One World Whey is. It is by far the best I've ever tried. I will never let myself run out of it again.

- Rich Maender

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Doug Detoxes Heavy Metals - May 2011

"... After being approximately on the One World Whey for one week, I've had severe detox of metal particles around my eyes (that was coming right out through the skin). Also, while taking the One World Whey, I've been able to keep and increase muscle mass on my body without increasing any physical activity. My wife and I are very, very impressed with all the health benefits that we have received by taking the One World Whey Protein."

- Doug Didero

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Leslie lowers her dosages of Prozac after taking One World Whey for just 6 - 8 months.



 Angie's autistic son improves drastically on One World Whey Protein.



Brad gains 10 pounds of lean muscle on One World Whey, Mineral Magic, Synergy-One and Nano-Cal.



Bruno tries One World Whey before his workouts and after 10 weeks, looks great.



Daniel experiences weight lose, increased stamina, and a decrease in recovery time.



Dennis, age 67, has increased energy level and health boosts after trying One World Whey.



Angie --- Angie's daugther suffered from diareha, constipation and stunted growth. After trying One World Whey and other supplements, she's growing normally again.



Helen --- Helen's Diabetes improves at age 69 after trying One World Whey.



Richard --- Detox on One World Whey.



Angie --- One World Whey improves Angie's Type 1 Diabetes.



Quinn --- One World Whey helps Quinn grow 4 inches in one year.

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 89 year old woman has hair test results showing significant drops in heavy metals: 89 year old man has joint pain goes away.

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 Researcher on Whey says One World Whey is best

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 Golfer has tendon pain diminish and driving ball farther.


Warren gains strength back and can think more clearly and can eat again after consuming going through one 5lb container of One World Whey.

Hi Stephen, I would just like to say a Big Thank You for your kind counsel and wonderful product in your one world whey protein power food. I had presented to the emergency room on three different occasions choking on food and they diagnosed me with Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), so the third time they kept me in hospital for three days and dilated my throat, and kept me there until I ate a soft meal. I was able to eat for only one day, but returned the next choking again. I spent two more days there and was sent home with a liquid and puree diet with hospital grade Sustagen that I followed for about three months with many side effects (constipation headaches, always hungry, lethargy etc.). But after trying your delicious one world whey powder I had regained my energy after the first day, and using it as a total meal replacement I wasn't hungry, lost the headaches (and a lot of extra weight I didn't need) I found I could think clearly again, and after the third week on it I started eating some solids also. By the time the 5lb container was empty my weight was regulated and I could eat again. But having gained these results, I am so happy that I will still purchase the product for maintenance.


Please feel free to post this as my testimony,
-Kind Regards Warren Hart. 8/29/11.




90-Year-Old Woman Resurrected On Unheated Whey

Just yesterday I got a testimony regarding an elderly woman that goes like this: “I have a client who has a 90-year-old mother. She has been spending most of her day in bed sleeping and was very forgetful and at times, feeling anxious about it. I put her on the raw milk and was told by my client that her mother loved it but did not report a change in health. I just spent the week taking care of her while her daughter, my client, went on a vacation. I put Mary, the 90-year-old woman, on the One World Whey ‘Unheated Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder’ instead of her Spiruteen pea protein she had been taking. Within a day she was up and very alert, the majority of the day. She was eating more and was able to gain 2.5 lbs the week I was there. The hospice nurse couldn't believe it.”



“My name is Rita Cash Wilkes: When I was a mere infant and then until the age of four years old, I suffered from asthma and bronchial infections. I was consistently given tetracycline to treat these symptoms. This allopathic drug built up in my system at a cellular level. It even stained my permanent teeth before they came through.  Even after those first four years, just about every spring and fall, I would have bronchial infections. The allopathic doctors diagnosed this as allergy based. At each of those times, I was also put on an antibiotic of their choice.  At around the age of 35, I experienced an onset of asthma symptoms again. I was given a steroid inhaler and Klonopin to keep me from panicking. Sometimes they also gave me a steroid shot or pack.  If an infection was suspected, I was also given an antibiotic. Also, my Father passed away from a sudden heart attack at the age of 51, sixteen years ago, and I was put on Prozac for situational depression. And, even though I eat healthy and take supplements, something was just off balance in my body.  I never felt quite whole and healthy.


As a vegetarian I was happy to find such a delicious protein powder to take as One World Whey. Within a short time of taking One World Whey I felt better and had more energy. After a few weeks of taking it intermittently I started taking it daily up to two times per day. Within 2 weeks of doing this I felt much better then I normally do. Within a day of feeling this very good feeling I started to have thick green mucus come out of my lungs. I was coughing and feeling afraid for my life at first because my breathing was somewhat restricted. I was instructed to drink more water and give myself a coffee enema to assist with drainage and to allow my body to eliminate these stored toxins. I did this and it brought some relief. This went on for 3 days. Then I experienced a blotchy red rash and my eyes were draining and swollen. I would feel better for a day or so, and then another detoxifying event would begin. Next I had watery, puss filled stools come out of me for 3 days. Again, I felt better for a day or so, and then the final phase for me was drainage from my ears and an extremely painful headache for about three days to the point where I fell into such a deep sleep and when I woke up the headache and symptoms were gone. This process took about 14 days. I felt like a renewed and well person on a physical, as well as a mental basis. I now feel abundant energy, healthy, glowing, vital, and have total mental clarity and happiness.


Obviously, I highly recommend this product. It has changed my life!

-Sincerely, Rita Cash Wilkes




Energy and Breathing Dramatically Improve

I just received my One World Whey canister. First, it arrived in 2 days- phenomenal! Today was my third day on 1 scoop. Oddly-though maybe not to you-something remarkable has happened, which is why I wrote. I generally suffer through an asthmatic breathing type situation. My breathing is shallow and generally constricted in the nose and lungs; could be allergies, reflux, lazy digestion, IBS, etc. Today I have tremendous energy and also notice my breathing is FREE. I can feel the air in my left nostril and it is free all the way to my abdomen. This is pretty remarkable, because I rarely get that feeling. I also noticed my lungs and voice feel unrestricted. At this point the new introduction to my routine was the Whey....wow! My concoction was 8oz of milk blended with a banana, blueberries, system raw cococa, 1 egg and then I mix in the whey by hand..... Other than a stunning sense of awe.....should I go to 2 scoops for even better effect? As always...thanks. -Bill Obrien



Awesome Product!

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much One World Whey protein rocks. If there was a review section for this product on your website, I would give it all five stars... taste, quality, effectiveness; Just awesome. -Chris K. Greer SC



Increases Muscle Mass without Further Exercise & Detoxifies Metals from Face

My name is Doug Didero, after being on the One World Whey for one week; I had severe detox of metal particles from around my eyes, that were coming right out through the skin. Also I’ve been able to increase muscle mass without any more exercise. I’m very impressed with the health benefits that my wife and I have received. -Doug Didero